Globe and Smart to Offer Faster Internet Services

Internet is a product of technology. It is impossible to spend our lives without internet. We all the importance of internet these days, it can be used anywhere and anytime. No matter how often we use internet, waiting for pages to load is annoyance. But with a faster internet not only the page will load faster we can also enjoy browsing the internet with many tabs open.
With the race of the two leading telco company for offering a better mobile internet service in the Philippines. Both are practically tied when it comes to their data plans.

Globe said that they have sufficient bandwidth to provide better quality internet service. On the other hand Smart offers long term evolution (LTE) the fastest 4g technology to date. As for Globe latest statement that they are ready to activate 16 terabits per second of international bandwidth and it sounds like that it will be a blast in market for having a faster internet services.

Recently, the Opensignal app results show that where we have LTE, delivering faster internet, and rapidly expanding networks to make this available to more Filipinos. And it seems that Smart really did serious improvements on their service 4g speed and was able to provide better service in NCR and Mindanao.

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Posted by Mikay on January 13, 2018 6:10:49 PM

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