Globe Talks to Wants 3rd Parties to Create Independent Tower Firm

As of February 08, 2018, Globe telecom announced another great plan to improve better service to their customers. The company said that they are already started discussions with third parties to establish a tower company that would help speed up the construction of cellular towers in the country.

Recently, the government implement a common tower policy wherein telcos will no longer be allowed to build cell sites but instead lease a space from a private tower company. The government is looking forward for improvement of mobile broadband services and also to benefit the existing carriers and new players. But PLDT Inc. and Globe Telecom said that they should still be allowed to build their own cell site due to the rising demand of internet services by their customer.

The Philippines has one of the lowest tower densities in the world, with only 16,000 tower that is currently serving the country out of more than 100 million population. Globe currently has 8,000 cell sites. Clearly, we still need around 50,000 more towers to optimize network deployment.

With these big changes this year for better service, Globe expects that having separate tower company would improve internet connectivity immediately.

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Posted by Mikay on February 12, 2018 7:35:07 PM

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