Your Prepaid Load Now Lasts One Year with Globe

Globe Telecom made this year a blast to all their prepaid subscribers. The company releases their official statement on the One year Expiry of Prepaid load effective January 5, 2018, customers who will top up with the denomination of P300 and above will carry a one-year expiration period. This great news will definitely have a great impact to all their customers to fully enjoy their service. For making this new improvement works successfully to their customers, the latest directive of the DICT granted a six-month extension on the one-year load expiration for below P300.

The Company has 57 million prepaid customers that need to take care and provide the best service as possible. Telecommunication has become a huge part of everyday living and is important for people stay connected. From VOIP, or voice over internet protocol to the usage of mobile phones, telecommunication has a large contribution in this world. Keeping the lines of communication between the company and your customer is very important to know important components for business operations. Advanced and real time system that should be extensively tested, keep in mind the impact to their million customers. The six-month extension granted will give them sufficient time for having an even and seamless implementation of the expiration change across all the denominations.

Globe Telecom new changes will address different angles to make sure the success of their plans. Extending the load expiration requires additional capacity and cost. Having an adequate capacity for this year will need to expand and include additional licenses, software programming thru third party vendors to accommodate the changes.

They are also looking for system tests to conduct optimization. Having a million subscribers and providing the best service for them. A test should be completed to minimize any unfavorable impact to customers when implementing these changes.
Since the changes will involve a lot of prepaid subscribers of Globe they’ll need additional number series from the NTC. Having a longer period of expiration of load will eventually as a result they will run out of numbers. As the company is very careful of these new changes they need to fully test all the number series before making them available to their customers.

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Posted by Mikay on January 1, 2018 2:30:54 PM

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