Globe Rolls Out 1 Million Broadband Lines

Globe has been aggressively making great improvements for their customers needs. As part of leveling up mobile experience of their customers, Globe has deployed over one million new broadband lines. And they are already inch away with their goal deploying 2 million new broadband lines by 2020. By developing this new lines customers will enjoy video streaming and creating faster internet.

The telco giant was able to install 12 fiber broadbands in Metro Manila and 19 in provinces nationwide within two years. Most of the broadbands was deployed are in Quezon City, Sta. Rosa and Calamba in Laguna as well as in Cebu and Davao.

Globe's commitment to deploy 2 million broadband lines by 2020 will definitely grow customers demand of data service needs. Globe will strengthen mobile coverage by deploying Massive MIMO (multiple input, multiple in) technology. This will accelerate company’s bid to roll out 2 million broadband lines to boost speed up to 10 mbps by 2020.

Massive MIMO technology will boost the capacity of mobile network wireless connection without requiring antennas. And as for broadband users will have more reliable data connection and better video streaming services.

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Posted by Mikay on February 16, 2018 6:28:39 PM

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