GLOBE: Tighter Rules On VAS for Customer Protection

Hidden costs are difficult to notice, for example because they are not included in the basic price of something. It’s a nightmare to anyone to know that they are being charge of something that they are not using or what they are paying. It seems like consumers being squeezed from every angles these days. Our grocery bills are getting larger and other expenses going through the roof at the same time many of us is to downsize.

After a Facebook post by a Globe subscriber who was victimized by a load deduction scheme that went viral, the mobile operator said it would enforce tighter rules against third-party value added services (VAS) providers.

Globe general counsel Froilan Castelo said the company now will carry out stricter opt-in guidelines to make customers aware that they are signing up for VAS subscription which entails charges. To check load balance, Globe said upon receipt of any push text message with an access code, customers can text HELP to the access code number to verify service status, and text STOP to drop the service if they want to.

To further protect its customers, they will receive prepaid load notifications to help customers get real-time updates of their balance. With this service, customers have better control of their load should there be unfounded deductions.

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Posted by Mikay on February 21, 2018 6:11:44 PM

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