Globe Closes Down Hundreds of Illegal Transmitters

As theirs a lot of people nowadays that is using their smartphones for their everyday activities. And it is important to have better coverage and much greater of quality of service. Recently, Globe Telecom said around 60 percent of mobile users in affected areas experienced dropped calls, garbled lines, weak signal and slow browsing due to signal interference.

Over 1,200 cell sites detected mobile service interference and this is caused by illegal transmitters that used signal boosters, repeaters, and RFID (radio frequency identification), which all of this is commonly used for car parking or in a subdivision security systems, toll ways and in residential, office and commercial building.

The company was able to identify, locate and closedown about 210 illegal repeaters and RFID systems as of end-September. Despite this, only 10 percent of the affected sites have been stamp out of interference. However, the number of illegal repeaters and RFID systems in high-end areas remains unconcluded.

This is the main reason for why the company to step out on their own creating their own campaign against this unethical sale and use of illegal repeaters and RFID systems.

They also bear out 30 separate cases of signal interference and NTC approve 7 cases were indeed signal interference. And most of the sites are in broadcast company, specific hotels, and exclusive villages.

An extensive plan by NTC to secure the clearing off these illegal transmitters was implemented.

Globe or Smart » January 2018 » Globe Closes Down Hundreds of Illegal Transmitters
Posted by Mikay on January 15, 2018 4:50:10 PM

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