Smart LTE Faster than Globe

We are expecting a lot of improvement this year to boost up our Mobile Internet Speeds. In 2016 Smart made a lot of improvements such as deploying LTE in multiple frequencies including low band spectrum. This accelerated LTE enable Smart to roll out LTE Advanced (LTE-A) which will allow greater speed.

According to the latest OpenSignal results covered the months of September to November, showed that Smart did really stand up with the nationwide average LTE download speeds of 11.7 Mbps compare with Globe Telecom’s average of 7.3 Mbps. Smart led the way across all measured areas in National Capital Region/metro Manila, in the Visayas, and also in South Luzon compared with Globe Telecom.

As we go along Smart expects at the year 2019 to fulfill all their commitments to provide much more reliable service to their subscribers in almost 90% of country’s cities and municipalities.

By continue leading the way bringing better mobile internet connectivity service to over millions of smartphones users in the Philippines. Smart and Globe are able to offer wider array of digital services and make the best video, social media and gaming experience to their customers.

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Posted by Mikay on January 25, 2018 7:30:09 PM

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