Smart Outperforms Globe on Network Quality and Download Speed

According to a third party research, Smart Communications Inc. has outperformed Globe based on consistent network quality and average download speeed in the Philippines. In its February 2019 crowd-sourced report titled “Southeast Asia State of Mobile Networks February 2019” by Tutela, a Canada-based mobile data company, Smart has scored higher in those categories, while Globe has better coverage. The firm claims to have collected 10 billion data measurements every day.

Network Quality Means Better Experience
Smart had a consistent network quality score of 91% over Globe's 89.3 percent for Basic quality, in which the intended use is for web browsing, simple applications, and VOIP calls. However, Smart surpasses Globe in the Excellent quality, which is 48.8% over 23.8%. The intended use for this category is for 4k video streaming and even HD group video calls. Even though Smart has just 2mbps lead in average download speed, but a consistent quality is what makes the user experience even better.

Globe has Better Coverage
Even though Smart is better on download and network quality, Globe has the edge when it comes to coverage. Globe's network appears to have better 4G and geographic coverage in the Philippines, according to the same report.

See the full report here.

Globe or Smart » February 2019 » Smart Outperforms Globe on Network Quality and Download Speed
Posted by FaborritoBeybeh on February 19, 2019 3:56:35 PM

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