iPhone X Plans: Smart vs. Globe

We all are dreaming of getting the latest IPhone X bold redesign, with glass on sides, vertical back-facing cameras, tack-sharp selfie camera and Super-tall OLED display. But obviously it’s difficult paying the full price which we all know that it can be up to P60, 000 to P80, 000 here in the Philippines. Since there’s a lot of people would really love getting the IPhone X they consider getting it from carrier instead.

Incredible how Globe telecom and Smart Communications granted all their million subscribers fast and easy way with great service. Smart’s IPhone X starts at Plan 999 up to Plan 2999 while with Globe starts at Plan 599 way up to Plan 2499. Plans have corresponding data, call, and text allowances and other value-added features. All plans are under 24-month lock-in period same with Globe. Obviously Smart’s IPhone X Plans tends to be cheaper, Globe’s Plan offer flexibility but if you want to fully control your monthly call, text, and data inclusions Smart also offer All-in Plans.
Treating yourself this year is not a bad idea, having a great phone on the best plans.

Globe or Smart » January 2018 » iPhone X Plans: Smart vs. Globe
Posted by Mikay on January 26, 2018 11:30:53 AM

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