Smart vs Globe WiFi Routers

Having a good router is increasingly important. It's not just about connecting your phone and computer to Wi-Fi anymore. Nowadays, you need a good router to maximize internet speeds and connect all your smart home devices and other connected things.

Both the devices are light and space-saving. From the outer look of the devices, Smart Router really did manage to come out a great job with the matte black and less attracted with a printed logo brand while Globe router come out in a very simple white sticker logo at the front. A well thought own version of Smart router took them 6 months to release after Globe went to market.

The devices look almost the same from the single LAN port with power switch and reset button. It’s a good thing that both routers provide a manual on a different way. Globe placed a sticker guide at the back while Smart has a separated documentation.

For Globe, all the settings are already set up and ready use. Everything is already on the main page signal strength, status and network information. The only thing that you need to check regularly is the SMS feature. On the other hand, smart include the link for monitoring the data usage that directs you to the Mysmart dashboard.

For Speed and Coverage both has a top speed of 42mbps and support Band 28 700MHz LTE Frequency. And importantly both has a nationwide coverage but it’s much better to check using prepaid LTE SIM using a smartphone to check for good signal reception. As for checking network speed using the BASS app, Globe was faster in other areas while Smart is better.

Costs of the devices are actually the same the only difference is their data plans and promos though only Smart offers postpaid plans.
It’s hard to pinpoint which is better, Globe obviously provide a wide coverage of network. And in terms of device quality, Smart definitely hit the spotlight. But when it comes to Data Plans they both provide great deals with almost the same bundles.

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Posted by Mikay on December 1, 2017 12:00:56 AM

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