Telcos Respond to Covid-19

During these difficult times, we all do what it takes to help others. Globe Telecoms and Smart Communications offers consumers with some help amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Smart's Bonus Data, Payment Extension, and Prepaid Discounts
As part of its efforts to provide consumers with the means to remain linked and efficient in the COVID-19 scenario, Smart Communications, Inc. has started carrying out bonus data for all Smart postpaid subscribers. Smart postpaid customers will automatically be rewarded with a one-time bonus data ranging from 2.5 GB to as much as 60 GB, valid 30 days, depending on their current plan. Aside from that, payment extension of 30 days is also offered for postpaid subscribers.

Globe's Free GoWifi, Payment Extension, and Free Access to Select Government Websites
Globe offers all of its mobile and broadband subscribers, including consumer and business subscribers around the country, an additional 30 days from the due date to pay their monthly bills. Apart from the 30-day bill payment extension, Globe has offered free and unrestricted internet access at select hospitals in Metro Manila via its GoWiFi services to help medical frontline patients and their loved ones stay connected and updated.

Globe Telecom also provides free internet access to websites in order to provide its customers with timely updates on COVID-19 and Taal volcano status. To access the sites for free, customers can just access the sites through their browsers:


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